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Administration & Fee

Little Blossom Day Nursery operates as a private day nursery, open for 51 weeks annually, with a brief hiatus during the Christmas to New Year period. Our doors open at 8:00 am and close at 6:00 pm, with both morning and afternoon sessions available to suit varied schedules.

Proudly black-owned, we stand firmly behind our equal opportunities policy, ensuring inclusivity and acceptance for everyone. Furthermore, our skilled SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) works diligently to support children with special educational needs, ensuring they receive tailored care and education.

Daycare Center


We are pleased to accept Childcare Vouchers, which are provided by certain employers to assist their staff with childcare expenses. You may also qualify for financial assistance from the Government through Universal Credit and possibly Working Tax Credit.

Our registration fee is £40, which covers one half of the two-part nursery uniform for children aged over 2 years.

Upon enrollment, a £250 deposit is required for your child to join Little Blossom Day Nursery. This deposit will be refunded when your child departs from our nursery.

Please take note that nappies, wipes, cream, and formula milk are not included in the pricing structure, as per the request of parents.

Holding Hands


We gladly accept Free Entitlement Funding and strongly encourage all parents to explore their eligibility for this benefit:

2-year-old free entitlement funding

3-4-year-old free entitlement funding

Art Class

3months to 5 years old

We provide a range of options including full-time, part-time, and sessional placements. For pricing details, please reach out to the nursery directly.

Eating Breakfast

Up to 8years old

Furthermore, we offer an after-school program tailored for siblings of our registered children, accommodating kids up to 8 years old. For pricing information regarding our Breakfast Club, After School Club, and Holiday Club, please inquire directly at the nursery.

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