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Food & Dietary Information

Our menu reflects the cultural background of our children


Nourishing Little Bodies:

Our dedicated nursery cook crafts a healthy and balanced daily menu packed with fresh, seasonal produce. We prioritise variety and cater for most special dietary needs, keeping red meat off the menu to accommodate diverse preferences. We proudly display the daily menu on all notice boards for your reference.


Weaning with Confidence:

We fully support your weaning journey! We'll puree menu items to fit your baby's needs and encourage exploration with plenty of finger-friendly foods. Your child's individual dietary requirements will be thoroughly discussed during your settling-in session. Together, we'll complete a section in their learning profile to ensure their needs are met every step of the way.


Mealtime Adventures:

We want mealtimes to be fun and adventurous! We regularly host themed meals featuring exciting new flavors and textures. Participation is always optional, with alternative options readily available, ensuring every child enjoys a satisfying meal.


Celebrate Diversity Through Food:

At our nursery, mealtimes are a vibrant celebration of the diverse cultures our children bring. We weave the flavors and traditions from their homelands into our daily menus, offering a delicious journey around the world on little plates.

No phone calls needed!

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